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Realflight G4 5 Dongle Emulator V3 4 2




If you are a developer, you can find a full list of applications under the apps category: A: The iARPro apps used to reside here: I think it's been updated to live here: If you have a card reader, use that to take a pic of the QR code on the sleeve of the device, and it'll install the app for you. The present invention relates to a semiconductor structure and a method of forming the same. More particularly, the present invention relates to a trench capacitor structure and a method of forming the same. Trench capacitors are widely used in semiconductor devices, especially in Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) devices. Trench capacitors typically comprise a buried plate, a buried strap, a node dielectric layer, a node electrode and a deep trench capacitor. A node electrode and the deep trench capacitor together comprise the node capacitor of the trench capacitor. Trench capacitors are commonly used in DRAM cells for a variety of reasons, including as a substitute for a conventional stacked capacitor. Deep trench capacitors offer the advantage of being capable of providing a greater capacitance in a smaller area, compared to a conventional stacked capacitor. However, there are many difficulties in the fabrication of deep trench capacitors, which are a significant impediment to their use in commercial applications. For example, trench capacitors are commonly formed by etching a deep trench in a semiconductor substrate. The resulting trench has a somewhat conical-shaped profile. In this type of trench capacitor, the area of the deep trench is typically on the order of 4000 xcexcm2. Typically, the node capacitor is comprised of a conductive node electrode situated in the bottom of the deep trench. However, the node electrode is difficult to fill into the deep trench and must be kept in place prior to the formation of an insulating layer. Furthermore, voids are often formed during the step of depositing the insulating layer, thereby making the node electrode inoperative. In order to overcome these problems, an improved capacitor structure has been developed in the art. FIG. 1 shows a partially cut-away, top-down view of a conventional capacitor structure. The conventional capacitor structure shown in FIG. 1 comprises a deep



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Realflight G4 5 Dongle Emulator V3 4 2

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